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Potty Training Tips for a Welsh Corgi: The Ultimate Guide

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The good thing about Corgis is their ability to quickly learn new things and accept them. As such, Corgi potty training is not much of a challenge. However, you still need to work on it, till your dog gets it right. Remember even in intelligent breeds, some individual dogs might struggle to understand what is required from them

Corgi potty training is essential if you are going to have a good relationship with your pet. Whether you took ownership of your Welsh Corgi as a puppy or as an adult, you need to potty train them

But first, you will need to understand when your Corgi needs to go potty



Understand when your Corgi needs to go potty.

The first thing when you start to potty train your Corgi is to understand the different times that they need to relieve themselves. They usually have a set of body signs that the Corgi will show. Most of them will relieve themselves in the morning, after taking a nap, after being in a crate for some time and when taking a walk. It won’t take long to figure out the pattern your Corgi has. Puppies are slightly different from adults since they might have the urge to relieve themselves more frequently.


Potty Training Tips for a Welsh Corgi: The Ultimate Guide


Once you identify the signs or times when your Corgi needs to go potty, take them at the respective place. If it’s in the yard or inside the house, choose one place and be consistent with it. When they do it right, praise them and you can give them a small treat. This will make the Corgi realize what you expect of them.


When taking your Corgi for his daily walk, encourage them to relieve themselves during that time. People who live in high rise buildings should have a litter pan for their dog. It will be harder to potty train your Corgi inside the house than doing it at the backyard. So take advantage of when you take them out for their regular walk


Potty Training Tips for a Welsh Corgi: The Ultimate Guide


When potty training a puppy remember that unlike adult dogs they will have the urge to urinate more often. Their systems are not developed well yet, thus they will have little time to alert you. After every two hours, take them to the designated area. When they get there, the urge to relieve themselves will come to them naturally. For adult Corgis, it will be much easier since they will give you enough time to read their signs. They will act agitated and move all around the house. If they normally go outside, they will go to the door and might even bark if they find it closed.

Potty Training Tips for a Welsh Corgi: The Ultimate Guide



Corgi potty training is all about consistency and commitment. When they start getting it right, use positive reinforcement to encourage this behavior. Once in a while especially with puppies, accidents will happen and when they do, do not try punishing your Corgi. Dogs do not understand punishment and besides that, it is not advised.

Explore why your Corgi acted in a certain way in the first place. It’s very unusual for a well-trained Corgi to have these kinds of accidents. You might also visit our Corgi FAQ here

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