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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Frequently Asked Question: Basic Infomation

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"Welsh corgi - noun: a short-legged long-backed dog with the foxy head of either of two breeds of Welsh origin"

From the fields to the home, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has come a long way since its humble origins. Outgoing, playful, loving, and companionable dogs, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi makes a great family pet, as it plays wonderfully with children, although it may be a bit reserved around strangers. As long as you provide your Pembroke Welsh Corgi with daily exercise, both mental and physical, you’ll get a lot out of your big-eared little companions

But I usually got these questions, or see them everywhere:

is corgi hypoallergenic?

- Are Corgis good with children?

- Do Corgis shed a lot?


Don't worry, we will answer all the questions above, also with FAQs about this awesome breed. Also, you can check this small guide we wrote before 20 Corgi Facts That Make Them The Best Pets

1. Basic Questions:

Q: Hypoallergenic breeds of corgis, Are there any corgi mixes/breeds of corgis that are hypoallergenic?

A: No, they are not hypoallergenic. Poodles and Portuguese Water Dogs are two of the more common dogs that are hypoallergenic. Some will say there is no such thing, but some breeds are certainly better than most. Usually, it is the dogs that shed the least, and thus have less dander, which is the culprit.


Q: Are Corgis good with children?

A: Young children should never be left alone with any dog, for the safety of both dog and child. But the answer is YES, Corgis can be great dogs with children, as long as your children are good with them

Kids make excellent playmates – get them to play tug of war, hide and seek, and chase games

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Frequently Asked Question: Basic Infomation


Q: Do Corgis shed a lot?

A: Also, yes, corgi shed like there is no tomorrow. Actually the amount and timing of shedding varies greatly from Corgi to Corgi, but usually twice a year, one from January to June and then from June to December

 The Pembroke Welsh Corgi medium-length coat is easy to maintain. Shedding seasons take place in the spring and summer, so weekly brushing with a wire brush will help


Q: Do Corgis bark a lot?

A: Some Corgis are very quiet, others are barks a lot. But in the end, barking is a form of warning and a function of the protective nature of the breed, however, excessive barking should be addressed with proper training. Corgis are natural watchdogs and will bark at strangers and distrust people they do not know, if you want to correct this, start training and socializing is important. As long as it is socialized early, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are good companion animals for your other family pets


Q: What should I feed my Corgi and how much?

A: Corgis are food efficient, and it is important to keep a Corgi in proper weight. You should feed your Pembroke Welsh Corgi a premium quality dog kibble. As well, these Corgis do well with fish, lamb, poultry, potato, beets, carrots, and barley. Never follow the instructions on the food package


Q: How much grooming does a Corgi need?

A: Depend, but normally is weekly to keep their coat beautiful and smooth. Since they sport an “all-weather” coat, it does tend to repel dirt to a certain extent, and bathing is recommended only occasionally, as needed

We also have premium grooming tool, you can also take a look at our Useful Tools For Corgi Collection, or at right here


Pembroke Welsh Corgi Frequently Asked Question: Basic Infomation corgi shedding


Q: How much exercise does a Corgi need?

A: This one is very important since they are an active breed, Pembroke Welsh Corgi loves to play and run, so of course if you have a backyard it would be an ideal place for them. If you live in an apartment, it is totally okay at all, just take your corgi out and go for walks, jog or hike twice a day (Adult Corgi), and more frequently if you have puppies, or just take your pooch to the dog park to play with other dogs. BUT: Please be aware of what you will face in the dog park, follow our newest post on Facebook about recently a corgi name Hudson got a bite, you can also read more at here

Exercise is important for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, as it can develop back problems and needs to be kept at a healthy weight, If your dog is obese, it's back problems will only get worse. As well, try to make sure your Corgi doesn’t jump


Pembroke Welsh Corgi Frequently Asked Question: Basic Infomation


Q: What is the most important thing I need to do first if I have a puppy corgi?

A:  Your Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy will need to be socialized with other animals and people as soon as possible, otherwise it may be shy and reserved

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